Onpassive/Gofounders business solutions

Onpassive/Gofounders business solutions Onpassive/Gofounders business solutions Onpassive/Gofounders business solutions

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An AI Driven internet marketing service



You Are Invited By : Dwayne Martin


There is something new in the Online Business World..So many people are going crazy with this new business opportunity!
It is the first of its kind, a platform that has never been seen before!
Plus, it is totally hands free! As in it literally works in AUTO PILOT MODE.

It does the following for an existing business too!

* Marketing and Advertising
* Selling and sign ups
* Sends Traffic
* All 100% automated
* And pays you handsomely for using it

And much much more!


This business is fresh and new, plus it's based on an honest concept!!

Here's some of its features;

System Effortlessly,
Builds Your Team and Grows Your Business and/or existing business!
Rotates Limitless Fresh Websites and Landing Pages!
Automatically Sends Traffic to Your Sites!
Seamlessly Recruits, Converts!
And Closes For You!

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Additional Information

So, let’s talk more about the products and what you can expect from OnPassive.

 In a “nutshell” our product is a first-ever, life and lifestyle changing, artificial intelligence-driven, Set it-and-forget it smart business solution consisting of:

➢ Rotators, 

➢ Funnels, 

➢ Landing Pages, 

➢ Bulk Emailers, 

➢ Email Campaign Data Cleaners, 

➢ Contact Managers, 

➢ Autoresponders, 

➢ Domain Names,  

➢ Domain Hosting, 

➢ Site Creators, 

➢ Webinar Hosting, 

➢ Crowd-funding 

➢ And much more.

Our New Model is unique because:

1. We provide a platform to those with businesses so they become more successful. We seek to increase their abundance.

2. We provide those that have no business or success in online marketing a plug-and play system that guarantees their success.  We seek to  help them obtain abundance.

IF YOU ARE A MARKETER, (Network, Affiliate, Multi-Level, Direct Sales… whatever.) I don’t need to tell you what this means. Once we launch, you choose or use YOUR OWN DOMAIN; not the company's. It’s your business… yours… and its grown and branded for you by OnPassive. And every tool you would ever need to build and be more successful at growing your own business is included.

IF YOU ARE NOT A MARKETER, this means that you will be automatically marketing the OnPassive Business Solution and generating income that will grow month after month while OnPassive builds your business. You will not have to recruit, sell, promote or anything else if you don’t want to… but you can earn much more if you do.

So Relax. We Help You Succeed! Become a Founder Before the Big launch!

Putting the pieces together, it means we finally have a business solution that allows everyone to succeed no matter who they are or what they have done previously. Every member, whether passive or active, will succeed automatically.

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  • Residual Income Guarantee
  • Team Building On Autopilot
  • 100% Hands Free
  • Automated Marketing
  • Over 46941+ Founders Worldwide
  • Honest Income Solution
  • Auto-Recruitment
  • Real People Real Results

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